I am passionate about pushing the limits of 3D technology and coming up with solutions to spatial problems.

About Dominic:

There is not a person or industry in the world that does not encounter a spatial problem at some point or another. 3D scanning provides a window into seeing our world that lets us make decisions and insights that would otherwise be impossible. While there is a wide diversity of industries with 3D scanning needs, the skills and knowledge learned in each project inform the others. I have worked on hundreds of projects across a range of industries, and my experiences allow me to create and optimize solutions to all kinds of spatial problems.


Surphaser in C5 Cargo Bay.

My passion is figuring out how to solve spatial problems.

I bring expertise in 3D scanning, digital modeling, visualization, coding, and photography. I have worked on projects in industries ranging from Hollywood to government, from museum research and preservation, to reconstructive surgery. I have scanned Hollywood actors for movies and Olympic athletes for equipment improvement; along the way, I have also scanned super models, presidential candidates, babies, and dogs.

Speaking and Publications

  • RAPID 2008 – Techniques in aircraft OML scanning
  • Rendering for the cover of Sculpture Review (Amun ra)
  • Time Magazine – interview for online publication
  • CG Garage Episode 64 with Chris Nichols from ChaosGroup Labs
  • RAPID 2016 – Democratization of 3D Scanning

Have an idea for a project? Let’s work together.

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  • Hudson Falls Virtual Tours
  • Climbing Wall CAD
  • AR Sandbox
  • VW Electrical Diagram
  • Twilight Zone, Gunks
  • Acadia Maine
  • VR Sandbox
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  • Roaring Plains WV