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The Challenge

I have been climbing since 1999 and as a mental and physical pursuit has let me travel far and wide. And while I still manage to sneak in a few longer trips a year the realities of life demand a more flexible approach. With a new home and a child on the way I decided to fulfill a long term dream and build my own climbing wall for training.

The Solution

The basic idea grew to encompass more than half of the barn and nearly 600 sq. feet of surface. The wall has 4 sections.

  • On the far left is a vertical wall with top rope anchors and bolts for aid practice. Hand crack on the face and a thin fingers layback crack in the corner.
  • 20 degree wall
  • “Wave” 30-20-10 degrees on the plywood sheets
  • The cave has triangle roof out to a 30 degree prow.

Designed In Sketchup

A little help from some friends


Help from Family


Sq. Ft. of Climbing Surface


Previous Framing Knowledge

Dream Come True

Just Completed