The Challenge

Men in Black 3 was not our first scanning job for the movie industry (our scan of Natalie Portman for Black Swan takes that honor) however for MIB3 we would not be scanning a single actress or a few prop, we would be handling the full range of scanning for the movie, sets, onsite locations, props, full body and facial scanning.




The Solution

Our versatile set of tools and expertise enabled us to provide the full spectrum of scanning for MIB3

  • Facial scanning using photogrammetry
  • Full body scanning using a dual surphaser approach
  • Set scanning using spherical¬†scanning and custom software to apply color to the scans
  • Faro arm laser scanning for props
  • Modeling ranging from digital scuplting on the bodies to complete CAD workups of the WonderWheel




  • Boris Armor
  • Boris Body Poses
  • Boris Bike
  • Boris Expressions
  • Boris_RawScanTexture
  • Boris Bike
  • Guard
  • Bob the Fish
  • Galaxie_final_3
  • Manhole Cover
  • Chrysler Set Scan
  • Mr Woo Sculpt
  • Mr Woo Stomach Prosthesis
  • Tilt Head Scan
  • WonderWheel_4mil_image3
  • wonderwheel_pointcloud


If you watch the trailer you can see the huge contribution that we made to this movie. For a full list of our full Hollywood portfolio visit the Direct Dimension IMDB