Patapsco Rock Map










The Challenge

A good friend of mine and long time colleague John Kelbel is an avid rock climber with a particular interest in his hometown hiddens crags of the Patapsco valley near Baltimore.  Over the dozen years we have known each other he has catalogues hundreds of new outcroppings throughout the valley.

Part of his climbing philosophy has always been to share this knowledge with the community at large and that too has progressed though the years. Originally a brown paper bound book of film photos we have gradually digitized and expanded to collection. The original implementation in Google Earth was a fruitful first step but the recent deprecation of the plugin gave us the opportunity to update the architecture as well as the look and ease of use of the application.




The Solution

We left the manual editing of Google Earth behind and re-programmed the site using the Google Maps API V3. Google Earth is still used for creating and managing the path and trail kmz. The site is now built on a google sheets database that is exported to JSON for import into the Maps API. This allows for much more granularity of control as additional templates can be added easily and the whole site managed more comprehensively.