Technical / computational photography can give a window into our world beyond what we can see with our eyes. The camera is a crude tool, only able to capture a small portion of the dynamic range we see with our eyes. However, by employing certain techniques, we can also use cameras to perceive beyond what our eyes can see, expanding our awareness and appreciation for our larger world.

Awareness is the first step towards conservation, and by showing that the circle we draw around the world is far more vast than our perception, we can expand the opportunity for safekeeping.


Panoramic Imagery

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High Dynamic Range Imagery

  • Sitka
  • Tucson Trails
  • Aisle
  • Bridgitata Waterfall
  • Iceberg Alley
  • Menorca
  • LeMaire Channel
  • Road Sunset



  • Chiluana Falls
  • Black Boulder
  • Neumayer Channel, Antarctica
  • Barn Holy Grail
  • Green Ridge, MD



  • Green Ridge, MD
  • Red Creek, WV
  • Roaring Plains, WV
  • Kamouraska, Quebec
  • Gran Jardins, Quebec
  • Washburn Point, Half Dome
  • Washburn Point


Focus Stacking


13200 Phantom 3
by DominicAlbanese
on Sketchfab

Black Boulder
by DominicAlbanese
on Sketchfab