The Challenge

An ongoing relationship with Smithsonian exposed me to wide variety of historical preservation projects. From the Wright flyer to Cerro Ballena whales the depth and breadth of these projects was truly amazing. The Smithsonian has a huge and diverse collection and the different challenges of each project push preservation scanning to new levels each time.



The Solution

Due to the widely varying objects we used all the tools in our toolbox to capture these valuable objects.

  • High resolution large range scanning using the spherical Surphaser scanner.
  • Close-Range scanning with the Faro Arm and laser
  • High resolution patch scanning using white light system (Breuckmann and Steinbichler)
  • Photogrammetry to capture whole objects in color (Olmec head)
  • PTM photography techniques




  • Gun boat
  • Gun boat
  • Gun boat canon
  • Gun boat
  • Olmec Color
  • Olmec Surphaser Geometry
  • Olmec Topology
  • Whale Outlines
  • Whale Height Field
  • Whale Sand