Tak’alik A’baj’










The Challenge

Travel to the pacific highlands of Guatemala to document carved monuments, stelae, topography and architectural structures at Tak’Alik A’baj’ a transitional Olmec / Mayan City. Close collaboration with University of South Florida and their AIST department.




The Solution

Our set of scanning and processing tools needed to be mobile considering the terrain and travel conisderations.  An advantage of being such a generalist scanning services firm is that sometimes equipment meant for one application becomes very valuable for another industry. In this case I used the Surphaser, a mid-range spherical scanner, meant for aerospace scanning, and used it for historical preservation. In addition we adapted a battery pack and single laptop for the entire processing solution onsite. The scanning process was done as part of a larger documentation effort ranging from traditional archeological techniques to polynomial texture mapping, to panoramic imagery to develop a comprehensive and interactive exploration of the site.



  • Minolta Scanning
  • Baragonne
  • Stelae
  • Light Painting
  • Surphaser
  • Reference Photography
  • Detail
  • Detail
  • Light Painting
  • Finca Front
  • Takali Abaj Site Map
  • Monument 1
  • Finca Porch
  • Santa Maria
  • Surphaser Scanning
  • Edge Detection
  • Altar 30
  • Stelae 2
  • Surphaser Scanning