sUAV Photogrammetry







The Challenge

sUAVs are a ton of fun. There is a transformative power to safely piloting an airframe to bring new perspectives to photography and videography. The world just looks different from the air. There are many valid concerns regarding both safety and privacy for a sUAV that are beginning to be developed. However there are also many valid and amazing uses of the sUAV platform. Photogrammetry for aerial survey is just one application.

The Solution

Take a commercially available, relatively low cost sUAV and create a high accuracy photo realistic 3D model of my house.

  • Full flight session was less than 6 minutes
  • GPS enabled drone allows from the geo-located photos to act as scale to put the model correctly into world space
  • Model distributed via the Sketchfab platform that allows for not only online web viewing bu a VR experience as well.